Professional and Easy to deal with!

Sonia Lemmey , 01 Jun 2012

Ben is professional, very easy to deal with and takes everything you say on board. You can ask him to do something and you know it will be done without having to follow up. I have had a lot of stress taken off my shoulders because I know he is taking care of my investment. 

Ben recently advertised for a new tenant for my property and the whole process of advertising, photos and opens has been easy. I haven't had to worry about taking pictures or checking and correcting the online ad as I had done before with my previous property manager. 

I liked his idea of open inspections later in the afternoon/early evening to give people who work a chance to view the property. My experiences with Ben as my agent have been of high quality and I recommend him to anyone who wants the most from their agent and investment. 


Sonia Lemmey