The Latner Difference

At Latner Property we have combined our passion for real estate with many years of invaluable experience in the property market, to create a unique and innovative boutique style agency specialising in residential sales and property management.

The concept for the Latner brand was founded by Principal Ben Jenkins who is passionate about promoting his team as the ‘next generation of real estate professionals’.

Having previously worked for some of Australia's iconic and award winning real estate agencies, we have been fortunate enough to gain a valuable insight into the do’s and don’ts of running a successful agency. Drawing from these experiences we look forward to providing our clients with a balance of good old fashioned personalised service and cost effective marketing solutions, all while ensuring our brand maintains a sense of diversity and individuality.

As a client of Latner Property you are guaranteed that Ben will be your first point of contact at all times, ensuring that you don’t become ‘just a number’ as can often be the case when dealing with large real estate businesses. Regardless of whether you are a property owner or a tenant, we treat all of our clients equally and understand the importance of knowing that the person who is answering your phone call, email or SMS has their finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to your property.

At Latner Property we aren’t afraid to ‘think outside the box’ and do things a little differently. We aren’t restricted by corporate rules or franchise guidelines and will move with the times providing the results benefit our clients, after all... our clients are our business!

If you want to experience a fresh and vibrant approach to the sale or management of your property, give Ben a call on 0404 715 615 to discuss the Latner difference.